Creative Languages as tools for
Social Inclusion, Interaction and Self Awareness.
A boost for Self Esteem and self Expression.
A journey of transformation for all the involved.

Currently working on

Documenting silent realities

During May 2022, I was in the village of Bravo documenting (photography and video) the routines of its inhabitants, mainly women who still work in agriculture and take care of their elders.
“Mute” is the name of this project and it will be public in 2023 with an exibition.

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Upcoming open days: March 25,  April 29, June 3

The Best Things in Life cost 50 euros

Collage Workshops, 2023 

Selected commissioned artwork

Consultancy: Creative, Communication & Content, Web

Ideas, concepts, production, and monitoring and other pretty things in the middle.

Creative Direction: Cubanas, agency: QUASE, GlobalProud (2021)