Visual artist
Communication & Content, Web Project Management

Born in Coimbra, I lived in Sertã until the age of 17, and my family still resides there.
I have been making collages since I was 11, and since that age I want to be an artist and, at the same time, to work in organizations whose core is/has a humanitarian and justice purpose.

I add my voice to the defense of animal welfare.
Enthusiastic and curious.


In the last 2 years, I started artistic work as a tool for social inclusion and emotional awareness in communities such as prisons, namely with the Linhó Prison, Cascais and the youth community of Bairro Padre Cruz, Lisbon.


As an Illustrator, I collaborated with publications and brands such as WIRED UK, VOGUE China, Expresso newspaper, Visão, Sociedade Ponto Verde, Grupo Abril BR, Clube Criativos de Portugal, Durex Portugal.


I’ve been organizing Creative Collage Workshops for public and private groups, brand activations, art festivals and events for 5 years.


Alongside my work as a visual artist, I work as consultant in digital communication and creativity and web projects.


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BSTC (hons) in Digital & Multimedia Communication, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Erasmus Mundus Masters in JournalismPontifical University of Salamanca, Spain.


Women Entrepreneurship Program 
Selected for Women Win Win, a one-year business mentoring program: develop management skills, define strategies in making critical decisions. Improve the ability to structure, plan and prioritize. 

South-America Experience
Moved to São Paulo to find a job, ended up travelling around Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru by bus. Simultaneously, working as illustrator for European clients.
Some pictures of the travel

Friends with who I collaborate.
Big respect for their work and ethics.

Photos for A NEW DAY, a personal project. A limited collection of t-shirts illustrated by me. All pieces had a certificate stamp of ethically made. Textile screen printing.