Social Interaction,
Prison Establishment of Linhó

Collage workshops with the incarcerated community: a group of 10 young adults.
Each workshop was followed by the main psychologist of the establishment – which enriched and facilitated communication with the parties involved.
This art experience help them to develop self-awareness, boost self-esteem and worked as social interaction tool for all the participants.
Year: 2022

Creative Languages as tools for
Social Inclusion, Interaction and Self Awareness.
A boost for Self Esteem and Self Expression.
A journey of transformation for all the involved.

Art as a tool for social inclusion, Bairro Padre Cruz

Bairro Padre Cruz is the biggest social housing neighbourhood of the Iberian Peninsula, and ANFR association works and operates here since 2007.
ANFR – National Association of Street Footbal,  uses sport, in particular the street football modality, as a strategy of social innovation, through socio-pedagogical and cultural intervention, with the objectives of promoting social change, human development and social inclusion.

Collaborative project with ANFR – National Association of Street Football.
A wheat paste mural done with the collages created during the cut & paste workshop.
The collages had as based portraits from an earlier photoshoot.

MUTE exhibition, Bravo village

Documenting silent realities

The village of Bravo is situated on the slope of a mountain with 800 meters of altitude. In recent years, the number of inhabitants has decreased substantially (in 2011 there were just over 100 residents), which led to the closure of the school due to a lack of students and an accelerated decline in economic activity.

During May 2022, I was in the village of Bravo documenting (photography and video) the routines of its inhabitants, mainly women who still work in agriculture and take care of their elders. 
Silent realities as also silenced realities.

Collaboration with the community

Alvoco da Serra, Seia, Portugal
To think, create and produce decorative pieces for the popular party to be held in June were the goals of this residency.
All pieces were created together with the local village community of Alvoco da Serra, Seia.
Co-residence with the designer Susana António.