Perfect. Perfect Workshops.
Creative Collage with Margarida Girão.

Since 2017

13 april, Lisboa *
5 july, Sertã **
13 september, Lisboa ***
19 october, Lisboa *
23 november, Sertã

2:30pm to 6:30pm
50 euros / pax

+ info:

* place: Avó Veio Trabalhar, Morais Soares
** within the Maratona Leitura festival (free activity)
*** place: Centro Inovação Mouraria

Collage & Embroidery*
30 november and 7 december

2:30pm to 6pm
80 euros / pax

* Embroidery: given by Avó Veio Trabalhar project

These super-wow classes begin with the creation of a portrait using the collage technique.
On the following Saturday, the collage (already printed on fabric) is embroidered with the guidance and wisdom of the grandmothers of the Avó Veio Trabalhar project.

Perfect for stressed humans.
Perfect for those who want changes in their life but don’t know which ones.
Perfect for those who think they are not good at arts but want to try it sooooooo much.


In parallel to the workshops scheduled in the studio, I also organize private corporate/team-building activities.

Dynamics of the activity

4 hours with scissors, glue, papers, images and stories that pop-up in your head.
All creative and supporting material provided.
The entire process is follow by Margarida.

Art Festivals + Public Events

Mistaker Maker, HOOD, 2020.

Mistaker Maker, Fazunchar Festival, 2020.