Copyright Information

Copyright Information

All of my images and texts are copyright protected. All rights reserved.

No form of reproduction, includying copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration and manipulation is authorized.

If you are requesting my artwork for personal aims, please note that only non commercial, non profit or personal sites may reproduce up to three images.
This will be a completely free use, the only one with no payment required. This free use excludes the right to change, remix and/or reproduce the artwork in any form.
To receive my written permission for this legal free use, please send me the url of your website, a requesting note with your purposes explained and the list of the images or text excerpts you wish to include.
The copyright note for my published works as follows:

|title of artwork/product/article/written excerpt | © Margarida Girão, / All rights reserved.

Unauthorized reproduction or use of and and all related contents electronically or by other means is strictly forbidden. No part of this website may be used or reproduced in any way whatsoever, including broadcasting and/or internet usage, without my written permission. Illegal use is contrary to the international laws of copyright and intelectual property and will be enforced to its full extent.


Please feel free to contact me if you need some further information.