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Armanda from Mulheres collection.
Unique piece. Year: 2021.
Artwork dated and signed.
Frame not included.

Please note, due to the messy nature of this creative process all collages have some sort of paint, drawings and paper on the back.

My work has more female images than male ones. I don’t know if I’m conscious of this choice, or if it’s a result of seeing most magazines advertise only women’s bodies.
Mulheres collection is filled with cheerful, lively and humoristic characters. All the pieces evoke my quiet and childlike side: the desire of being a free-spirited adult woman, with two careers simultaneously, living in the big city with a big family.

Mixed media: collage paper, acrylic painting, drawing.

12,8cm (W.) x 20,9cm (H.) + Depth: 1mm

Peça única. Colagem Manual. Ano: 2021
Colagem datada e assinada.

Devido à natureza do meu processo criativo, todas as colagens no seu verso têm algum tipo de tinta ou desenho.

When you buy my artwork: an original collage or print, you buy the physical object to have and enjoy. You own only the artwork, not the copyright to it. The copyright remains with the artist.

Ao comprar uma das minhas peças: um original ou impressão, está a comprar o objeto físico para ter e desfrutar. Possui apenas a arte, não os direitos autorais da mesma. Os direitos autorais permanecem com o artista.