MICE destination: Lisbon, Portugal.
Creative team-building activities.
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions.

Perfect. Perfect Workshops.
Creative Collage with Margarida Girão.

Image: Mistaker Maker, WOOL Festival Covilhã, 2019.

Perfect for stressed humans.
Perfect for those who want changes in their life but don’t know which ones.
Perfect for those who think they are not good at arts but want to try it sooooooo much.
Perfect for adults who dream of being rebellious.

Image: Mistaker Maker, Fazunchar Festival, 2020.

Dynamics of the activity

4 hours with scissors, glue, papers, images and stories that pop-up in your head.
Each participant will be given a Collage Kit with images related to the theme.
The collage will be created with this Kit.
All creative and supporting material provided.
The entire process is follow by Margarida.

Benefits and advantages of the workshop

Easier social interaction.
Informal relationships. Everyone participates: the shyest, the outgoing, the calm or the most anxious.

Workshops related to storytelling and co-creativity.
Inspiring reflection and sense of belonging about the company.

Creative people.
More productive and focused.
Creativity as a tool for problem solving.


The created pieces are on display in the meeting room or entrance space.