From left to right: Maria de Oliveira Dias, Kruella D’Enfer. Photography by Inês Ventura to MYKUBO.COM

Communication & Content Creation

Online Content Creation & Curation
Planning Ahead
Writing and Storytelling
Media Literacy

Maria de Oliveira Dias Q&A about sustainability and its costs.
Photography by Inês Ventura

Q&A with Communication and Marketing Directors.
Sharing relevant experiences from the field – involving professionals in the knowledge sharing about the core business of digital influence.
Content created for the influence marketing agency, Milenar.

Online Journal from the Milenar, influence media portuguese agency.
Content & Copywriting: articles about the campaigns and all its stages and final results, short talks with the team members from different departments. Plus, studies done about the digital influence.

Content for the social networks

Communication & Creativity developed for the QUASE agency, Globalproud.
Client: Cubanas footwear brand.

Content for the social networks

MYKUBO.COM, editorial site and marketplace that brings together artists and brands based in Portugal.

From left to the right: products from brands: Fulana Beltrana, Malga and SIZ.

“Keep it real because real is the true”.

Communication & Content – Highlights

From 2020 to 2022
Head of project of the MYKUBO.COM – an editorial site and online marketplace that brings together artists and brands based in Portugal: web architecture, content creation and artists relationship managment.

From 2021 to 2022
Content creation and moderation of the websites and online journal.
Social media management of all in-house projects.
Copywriting: websites and social media.