Creative Consultancy

The Story Behind the Story, or: “let’s pretend this is very inspiring for you.”

In 2019 I was invited to co-lead the development of an online art platform. Over the 4 month project I realised that my 20 years of experience as a freelancer afforded me fundamental project management skills: to see and understand the whole; its different stages the teams involved and anticipating errors before they happen.

I am passionate about the 1st stage of a project’s lifecycle – especially creating the concept and structure of the project.  I have learned to trust my gut – and now I’m trusting it to open a new tab in my professional life: Creative Consultancy, mamma mia!

All examples below were created and developed with/for Kubology agency, GLOBALPROUD group.

Work Done: Re-Branding + Concept & Photo Production
+ Website & Online Store,  Social Media Content, Decor Store – Lisbon.

Concept & Decoration

GALOCHAS first POP UP STORE format, Lisbon.


ReDesign & User Friendly Navigation – Website & Online Store
+ Concept & Photo Production

Art and creative study for a contest. (Proposal not selected.)
Branding and design for a salada’s packing.