Artist’s statement

The Story Behind the Story

I am a visual artist who seeks to create narratives by combining images of old and new magazines with a variety of three-dimensional objects and photos captured by me. My artwork aims to celebrate the uniqueness in diversity.

My first collage was at the age of 11. Not the work of a genius but definitely that of someone with unique aesthetic style at a very young age.
I have always communicated my thoughts and emotions through the art of making collages, far from knowing that what I was doing at that time. Magazines and newspapers opened a new world for me; they educated me about different lives and cultures, introduced me to new people and faces, something which I never experienced in my remote village where I grew up. This marked the beginning of my career as a collage artist focusing on visual stories.

This form of art makes it possible for me to create a world full of visual metaphors, and assumes a very form of expression since I was not trained in drawing. There is always a creative problem-solving process; not everything is readily available in magazines or papers. This gives birth to new challenges and allows me to visualise new creative solutions making this medium always fun and interesting for me.

I have a degree in Multimedia & Digital Communication, and besides being a collage artist, I’m Head of Communication & Web Projects Manager in a digital marketing group based in Lisbon (since June 2020).
And my 1st name is Ana.

Photo Credits: Diana Tinoco to Prima Magazine, Trust in News, 2019.

Margarida Girão viveu na Sertã até aos 17 anos. Estudou Multimédia & Comunicação Digital na Universidade em Aveiro e experimentou Jornalismo em Salamanca. Deu aulas de Design & Web na Universidade em Dili (Timor Leste) e depois de uma breve passagem por Lisboa rumou a São Paulo e atravessou boa parte da América do Sul com a mochila às costas e as suas ilustrações.

Regressou a Lisboa em 2015 e focou-se na sua carreira de artista visual ou como a própria refere de “Rainha das Colagens”.

Tem organizado vários workshops de colagem no seu atelier em Lisboa, em Serralves, no Museu do Oriente, Visão Fest e mais recentemente está a levar o seu trabalho de colagem à comunidade prisional, aldeias longínquas dos centros, e a bairros comumente conhecidos por sociais.

O seu trabalho de ilustração encontra-se publicado em várias publicações nacionais e internacionais, designadamente a Wired UK, ADWEEK USA ou a VOGUE China; Visão e Jornal Expresso.

Desde 2020 que também trabalha como Head of Communication e Gestora de Projectos Web num grupo de media digital nacional.