Why Visual Communication

How boredom boost my creativity


My youth was passed in a little village of Portugal. I was the typical introspective child.
School, catechism and scouting were my leisure activities. No cinema. No theatre. No whatever. From school and catechism I enjoyed the socializing, and from scouting, true to be told, I didn't like anything.


At the age of 11 I started cutting images from magazines and newspapers and this was the beginning of my career. I did not know how to draw so I did collage. I already knew that time I wanna be visual artist and war correspondent when I grow up.
I was communicating through collage, even if I didn't know.

This new drive has also released a brand new future to me:  those magazines were educating me about the different lifes and cultures, new people and faces. I fell in love with that.

Communication will always be my ignition: collage art, writing and performance.


Due to a mistake, I believe it was God's hand, I could not get into Journalism and I ended up studying Multimedia. Here I started having some notions of Design, although I did not specifically study this discipline. When I finished my degree and embraced WebDesign as a career I had already forgot about my collage world. Few years later, I do not remember why, I started again the collage artwork and since then I have not stopped.

Years later

... boredom made me move from Aveiro to Dili in East Timor, and in 2012 from Lisbon to São Paulo, and from São Paulo to a solo travel in.
After I returned to that small village and spent two years rebuilding my personal and professional life.


In 2015 I moved again to Lisboa and I focused my strengths to do what I love most and believe to be my gift:
creating stories and emotions on visual format - visual communication.

Boredom and fear are two feelings that can work positively to expand our awareness and experience in life. It is what as been happening to me.
I am very grateful for being so stuck and bored during my teenage days, it had boost my creativity and adult life's choices.

Me running away to the city.
Ruuuuunnnnnn ! !
My students in East Timor ♥