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My youth was passed in a little village of Portugal. I was the typical introspective child.
School, catechism and scouting were my leisure activities. No cinema. No theatre. No whatever. From school and catechism I enjoyed the socializing, and from scouting, true to be told, I didn’t like anything.


At the age of 11 I started cutting images from magazines and newspapers – can’t remember why and how it happened – and this was the first moment of my story. It was the beginning of my professional career – a visual stories creator.
I was communicating my thoughts and emotions through collage. I had found a way to overcome boredom.
This precious drive has also released a new brand future for me. All magazines and newspapers were educating me about the different lifes and cultures, new people and faces. I fell in love with that.


Collage technique demands to be creative, to think solutions.
Take this small example: a project asks for a specific element that I couldn’t find in magazines – a wavy hair. So we can play with different objects and give them new meanings.


Years later, boredom made me move from Aveiro to Dili in East Timor, and in 2012 from Lisboa to São Paulo, and from São Paulo to do a solo travel in South-America.
After the trip of my life, at least so far, I returned where I did not want to – the small village Sertã, and spent two years rebuilding my personal and professional life – 8 months alone in a different continent can release philosophical questions and anxiety disorders (my case).

In 2015 I moved again to Lisboa and I focused my strengths to do what I love most and believe to be my gift:
creating stories and emotions on visual format – visual communication.

Boredom and fear are two feelings that can work positively to expand our awareness and experience in life. It is what as been happening to me.
I am very grateful for being so stuck and bored during my teenage days, it had boost my creativity and adult life’s choices.