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I am globally developing my portfolio by working with editorial and commercial brands as also on web design projects. I was awarded a scholarship to participate in a multimedia project at the University of Aveiro, and I have taught web design in East Timor and with other private educational projects.

In 2012, I moved to Sao Paulo and worked in communication and advertising areas as both a designer and illustrator. After gaining experience, I decided to shake things up as I embarked on a new adventure: traveling by bus through South America, working as a Wi-Fi-nomad.

Upon returning to Lisbon, I continued to work on editorial and pagination projects, graphic design, and digital communication.

My artwork has been featured in publications such as WIRED, ADWEEK USA, VOGUE China, and Computer Arts.

I have been participating in various social projects such as Fashion Revolution Portugal and Animal Welfare associations.

Creative Short Bio


MA - Technologies of Communication - Aveiro University,
MA - Journalism - University of Salamanca, Spain

Professional Experience

Multimedia Design Professor at National University of East Timor
Multimedia Designer at Communication and Art Department of Aveiro University
Production Assistant at Green Movement Festival
Editorial Designer at Have a Nice Day Publishers

Awards and Others

PECHA-KUCHA, 20º Communications Congress (PT), 2010
Merit Award, 4 Annual Pcom Creative Award (USA), 2007
Flash Award ESTAL WEB (PT), 2001