About Margarida Girão

My first name is Ana

Margarida Girão call herself a “self-proclaimed visual artist”.
She creates visual stories combining images - found in books, magazines and film stills - with a variety of three-dimensional objects.
In ​her art, Margarida mix manual technique with digital.
Margarida’s artwork celebrates joy, nature, beauty and it’s a extremely feminine and colorful.


Margarida’s first collage was at age 11. From this child's play, she knew that art would be the best way to express herself.
She never attends an art class. She believed that no need to study arts to be an artist.
Margarida has a degree in digital communication and multimedia fields.


Girão lives and works in Lisbon, sharing an atelier with 8 female artists.
Animals are her passion and cause.

Business Mentoring Program - Women Win Win, Portugal
MA - Technologies of Communication - Aveiro University, Portugal
MA - Journalism - University of Salamanca, Spain


Professional Experience
Entrepreneur since 2000
Multimedia Design Professor, National University of East Timor
Multimedia Designer, Aveiro University
Production Assistant, Green Movement Festival, Lisbon
Editorial Designer, Have a Nice Day Publishers, Lisbon


Awards & Features
Creative Mondays Lisbon, 2018
PECHA-KUCHA, 20º Communications Congress (PT), 2010
Merit Award, 4 Annual Pcom Creative Award (USA), 2007
Flash Award ESTAL WEB (PT), 2001

Sometimes I am famous